European e Commerce Thriving: Need Sage Pay Review?

Online retail goes on growing significantly and with rapid advances. What about your own online business? Do you have a reliable payment processor in the UK to work with? Do you need Sage Pay review? This article will tell you about the eCommerce growth in Europe. Also, you’ll discover the best way to find the right processor to work with.

Online Retail in Europe: Sage Pay Review

Online retail in Europe is maturing at a rapid pace. New technology is launching all the time. New and flexible payment solutions are emerging in the space. In fact, growth is anticipated to carry on in the years to come. Retail Research predicted 15.7% growth in 2017.

The European e Commerce growth numbers are below. Specifically, these are the predicted compound annual growth rates per country in Europe:

  • Belgium: 7%
  • Denmark: 10%
  • France: 9%
  • Germany: 11%
  • Italy: 14%
  • The Netherlands: 14%
  • Norway: 10%
  • Poland: 8%
  • Russia: 8%
  • Spain: 7%
  • Sweden: 9%
  • The UK: 10%

Today, retailers are more focused on their online offering. Customers are looking for frictionless technology such as easy payments that’ll allow them to enjoy smoother and more convenient shopping.

What do you find important for your business growth? Maybe you’re interested in future technologies such as delivery by drone? First of all, find a reputable payment processor to work with. This won’t prove to be challenging if you turn to a respectable merchant services comparison company in the UK.

Thanks to a reliable and experienced payment expert, you can easily get what you want for your business, including SagePay review. When applying to a comparison company, make sure it provides free consultation and review of contracts, as well as rates, and fees.

Also, see whether the company places importance on the integration requirements of credit card processing companies. The right payment expert should always check any provider’s integration process to ensure you won’t end up with extra payments caused by misleading terminology, hidden costs, and deceptive sales tactics.

The European eCommerce Market

The online retail market in European is huge. Of the region’s 500 million consumers, about 60%make purchases over the internet. These are some of the most experienced e-shoppers in the world. They’re tech-savvy, ecologically aware, vocal, and social. These consumers evaluate a seamless a shopping process that’s fast and services that’re flexible.

Nowadays, competition is increasing across Europe. Given the growing competition in the space, keeping consumers loyal to your business is critical.

So, customer experience and customer service are of vital importance among online retailers. Successful retail leaders have always valued innovation and have always been consistent with pushing boundaries for the benefit of the shopper.

Be aware that improved customer experience is going to play a major role in the years to come. So, if you want to improve your sales, concentrate on improving your customer services. Besides, streamline the steps for making purchases, enable one-click purchases, and provide multiple payment options.Otherwise, you won’t be able to successfully keep pace with the high expectations of consumers.

Author Bio: Payment industry expert Taylor Cole is a passionate merchant account expert who understands the complicated world of accepting credit and debit cards at your business. His understanding of the industry has helped thousands of business owners save money and time, as well as get Sage Pay review.